Italy is famous for making the world’s best shoes because of excellent craftsmanship, shoe quality, and second-to-none style. Italians have been making beautiful footwear for centuries, durable yet fashionable, with precision and care at the heart of every step of the process.  The long standing expertise of Italian shoemakers transcends generations as artisans have perfected their craft and then passed along their knowledge. These passionate professionals experiment and refine, inspired by the best of their heritage combined with today’s cutting-edge designs. They innately know what works well in handmade Italian shoes and then continue to innovate in extraordinary ways.  At Italian Shoemakers, we’re proud to be part of this shoemaking culture. Our stylish, high-quality shoes are exclusively made in Italy, produced in our facility nestled in the hills of Tuscany. Each pair is infused with Italian heritage, then given a metallic stamp to verify authenticity. Next, we ship them from our Italian shoe company to our USA headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Neither, actually! What’s ideal: shoes that fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. When shoes are too tight, you literally won’t have wiggle room. This can lead to blisters and more. Feet can swell, shoes would pinch, and you just wouldn’t feel comfortable. When shoes are too loose, they don’t offer enough support and can also be uncomfortable. This can, unfortunately, lead to tripping and falling. Right-sized shoes comfortably accommodate each foot’s widest spot while securely staying in place. They also are long enough, heel to toe. Because feet can expand, especially on days that are warm or when you’re standing or walking much of the day, it can sometimes make sense to go up half a size. Because we recognize the importance of wearing the right size, you can return ones that don’t fit (or exchange them or receive a credit) for 30 days after the shipping date. For 60 days after that date, you can still exchange them for a gift card or store credit.

Our Italian shoe company designs and produces:

Italian sandals, womens, including:

Thong and flip flop sandals

Slides and flat sandals

Heels and wedge sandals

Footbed sandals

Sneakers, womens

Clogs, womens

Moccasins and loafers, womens

Boots, womens Each of our handmade Italian shoes are crafted with extraordinary care. Before we design a new style, we discover what our customers want. We share that information with our artisan design team—and they seamlessly mesh what they learn from our customers with all of the inspiration they receive from living in Italy, the world’s fashion center. No matter the type of shoe, we ensure that they’re high quality, stunning in appearance, easy and comfortable to wear, appropriately sized, and affordable for our customers.

Handmade Italian shoes are in great demand for numerous reasons. First, well-designed ones are eye-catching and attractive. Plus, Italian shoes are crafted to be is both strong and flexible. Its strength means that you can wear your shoes with confidence, knowing that they can stand up to wear and tear. This helps to ensure a long life. Because they’re also supple, breathable, and flexible, they’re comfortable to wear from the very first step. Our Italian shoe company offers all of this at affordable prices, especially when you consider our footwear’s durability and quality. 

As another benefit, our handmade Italian shoes are easy to maintain (more about that below, in How do you care for good quality shoes?).

No matter what kind of shoes you want and need, pick them from a trusted company, one that creates quality shoes and backs up that quality. Our Italian shoe company has been in business for 40 years, satisfying our customers with high quality and stylish footwear that’s also comfortable and affordable.

Next, think about what types of shoes you want to order: strappy Italian sandals;, women’s;, to pair up with that perfect black dress; boots to keep you looking stylish during colder months; or sneakers, moccasins, loafers, or clogs. 

For the past 40 years, we’ve designed and produced high quality, stylish, comfortable, and affordable footwear, ranging from Italian sandals, women’s boots, and sneakers to clogs, moccasins, and more. We know what our customers want and that’s what we create: shoes produced from premium materials at an exceptional value. 

Make sure shoes are from a brand known for providing comfortable support from quality materials that allow your feet to breathe. All our shoes have an outstanding construction with all the support and comfort you need. 

Then, it can become a matter of taste. Envision where you’ll wear your shoes with what kinds of outfits. You may prefer a sleek and simple pair, such as our Asher Thong Sandals—or Roby Italian Leather Boots with the perfect silhouette when wearing leggings or skirts. 

For added dazzle, you may choose our Marcia Elastic Wedge Sandals with rhinestones for touches of sparkle for a night out on the town. To pair with trousers, our Biana Italian Leather Clogs are the must-have shoe.