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3 Italian Wedges For Fall

by Omar Guerra 07 Oct 2021

3 Italian Wedges For Fall

Before we even get into this, we know, Italian wedges are usually seen as a summer staple. That makes sense if you live somewhere that has hard winters. We wouldn’t recommend wearing anything that will leave your feet exposed to frostbite.   
But for the rest of us who live in warmer weather year-round, a nice Italian wedge sandal can be a staple of every season. Women’s wedges represent many things to many women. Some say that the height, the firm step they provide, make them feel empowered. We would totally agree with that.   
There is just something about the height of the right handmade Italian wedge that puts weight into your step. A sense of being in control of your day, your life. It’s a powerful feeling. And the best part, you don't have to sacrifice your femininity.  
But which of the many types of Italian wedges are the trendiest? The most fashionable? Which style wedge should you buy?  
We’ll tell you which. The wedge that makes you feel like you! A good Italian wedge helps bring out that confidence when you put them on at the end of your outfit. When you take that last glance in the mirror and can't help but grin because you feel like your best you.  
To help you decide on your next fabulous Italian wedge sandal, we went ahead and chose a few unique styles that we believe are the best choices for the season.   
                          Italian wedge sandal

Daizy H Strap Italian Wedge Sandal  

It’s hard for us to be objective when it comes to our Italian wedges, but we might as well start at Daizy. Why? Because Daizy is the newest arrival that represents the 3 traits we most believe in: Comfort, Style & Versatility.   
Once you slip on this wedge sandal, you’ll see what we mean. The H Strap uppers keep your foot in place with a firm grip, the leather accent adds an extra touch of style, and the padded insole gives you that all-day comfort Italian Shoemakers are known for.   
This Italian wedge goes great with your casual day at the office, your favorite jeans when you spend the day running errands, or your trendiest pair of shorts for that brunch with your friends.   
We’re hooked on Daizy, and you will be too! 


                                   Italian Wedges

 Marvina - Multi Straptalian Wedge Sandal  

Got a nice Fall wedding to go to? A date night or just want to dazzle up your style? This is where Marvina comes in. The 3 strap uppers are designed with a sheen that gives a slick and contemporary look and adorned with a vertical strip of rhinestones that takes things to the next level. The insole makes your feet feel comfortable with every step so you can keep the night going. Made from lightweight materials so that you walk freely and unencumbered, Marvina is the go-to Italian wedge you will take out for every party.  


Italian Wedges

Meeka - Double Strap Italian Wedge Sandal 

Fun, trendy and chic, Meeka is the high wedge that mixes our casual vibe with our spectacular sense of style! When we talk about a versatile Italian wedge sandal, we’re thinking of Meeka. She goes great with just about anything. The cork-like platform elevates your style (literally) and the detail of the textured upper will get you double takes as you go about your day. Meeka is perfect if you want to stay comfortable but don’t want to sacrifice style.   

There are many reasons we love wedges; they provide the height of a heel but a sturdy balance when you walk.
There is stability you can count on throughout your busy day. You can dress them up or dress them down, making them the kind of style you can wear to the office or to a Sunday brunch.  
High wedges, low wedges, we don’t care, so long as they're wedges. You’ll see why we go through the lengths we do to make sure our styles of Italian wedges are designed, produced, and delivered with you in mind. 




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